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3 Pillar Homes

Honor. Quality. Design.

From humble beginnings to healthy growth, 3 Pillar Homes has never lost sight of the important values Zenios learned from his father, Honor, Quality and Design.

Today, 3 Pillar Homes is proud to carry on the family tradition of 3 Pillars of Excellence. They are also committed to cultivating an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication. This commitment assures every home built achieves complete customer satisfaction.

3 Pillar Homes
Ranch, 1 ½ story, 2 story and multi-level
2,000 - 5,000 square feet
Lots Available
3 Pillar Homes
Model Home
Model Home Open Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 12pm - 5pm
Friday - Sunday: 1pm - 4pm

3 Pillar Homes’ Philosophy

Operating under 3 Pillars of Excellence – Honor, Quality & Design makes 3 Pillar Homes one of Central Ohio’s premier builders.

– They are deeply honored by the trust you place in them to build your family home. They uphold that honor through the integrity they bring to the building process.

– Their commitment to quality is evident through the state-of-the-art building techniques and craftsmanship they blend into each home.

– Their experience as a true custom builder enables them to build homes that are both beautiful and functional in design.

I think the quality of life at Jerome Village is probably something that ranks pretty high, from an amenities standpoint, design, the diversity, and from a school district, they really have a lot of things to offer.
-Zenios Michael Zenios