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Jerome Village Housing Sales Accelerating

Schottenstein Homes LLC has closed its first sale at the Jerome Village development outside Dublin as the builder starts marketing houses in the second phase. The first house sold for about $250,000 Oct. 31, two days after the model home opened.Eight houses are under construction in its first 26-lot phase at Jerome Village’s Glacier Park residential section. David Parsley, the homebuilder’s vice president of marketing, said Schottenstein Homes has contracts for 12 houses at Glacier Park.

“We’ve been getting new prospects every week,” he said.

One of those sales is in the builder’s second 25-lot phase, where streets and utility lines have been completed.

“It’s ready to roll,” Parsley said.

Schottenstein Homes has committed to building 93 houses in Jerome Village. 3 Pillar Homes, Compass Homes and New England Homes also have pur- chased Glacier Park lots. 3 Pillar and New England Home each have a house under construction.

Jerome developer Nationwide Realty Investors Ltd. has completed many of the fences throughout the first section and is working on bicycle and pedestrian paths.

“It’s starting to come together and look like a neighborhood,” said Nationwide Realty President Brian Ellis. Glacier Park’s focus on woods, water and park land “will distinguish it from so many of the other neighborhoods,” Ellis said.

Other builders may join the fray in 2012. “We’re going to make sure we’re meet- ing the demand,” Ellis said, “so there will be plenty of homes out there.” Nationwide Realty expects 2,425 houses to be built during the next 10 to 15 years. The residential and commercial sections combined cover 1,435 acres.

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