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District likely to receive land by February deadline

Dublin City Schools

This Week News: Sarah Sole

The Dublin City School District has until Feb. 8 to purchase 39.8 acres of land in Nationwide Realty’s 1,500-acre Jerome Village development that could be the site of a future elementary and middle school.District Director of Business Operations Jeff Stark, said school officials believe developers of Jerome Village will be flexible on the Feb. 8 deadline.Stark told Dublin Board of Education members the results of a variety of land studies conducted by Columbus-based civil engineering firm EMH&T.”We did quite a bit of due diligence,” Stark said.

He said he is “very, very confident” that the land is in good condition.

Stark said the district has spent about $5,000 on land studies undertaken by EMH&T.

According to a Nov. 2 Letter sent via email to Stark from district legal counsel Bricker & Eckler, attorneys are still waiting to hear some additional details about the property purchase, including whether right-of-way and utility extensions have been completed.

The district would be able to purchase the 39.8 acres for $1.

The district also has the option to purchase an additional 12 acres of land at fair market value and can do so before Feb. 8, 2026. The land is in Jerome Township.

A master planning presentation given April 25 to board members stated the district estimated K-8 configuration of an elementary and middle school in Jerome Village would cost $20.3 million and $37.5 million, respectively, for a total of a little more than $57.8 million.

District officials will meet with Jerome Village developers after Thanksgiving to discuss the area’s population growth, Stark said.

Jerome Village will have 2,200 residences when it becomes fully developed.

Tina Guegold of Nationwide Realty Investors said Jerome Village has approximately 400 homes completed and another 100 under construction.

“We are pleased to see the Dublin City School District continue to make progress on its plans for a school at Jerome Village,” Guegold wrote in an emailed statement.

“They have an outstanding site that backs to the nature preserve and is directly connected to the trail system for students to walk or bike to school. It will be a great neighborhood school.”

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