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Settling into Home Sweet Home

​If you’ve ever moved before, you totally understand why moving is one of the most stressful life events. You’re uprooting your life, your home is in shambles and in boxes, and there’s a lot to coordinate. But you’re probably moving for a very good reason: maybe you’re downsizing, moving up, or getting into a home that has a better floorplan for your family. That’s exciting! When we moved into our brand new M/I Home in November, that’s what I was focused on.

​There are a ton of moving tips out there and I scoured Google and Pinterest for many of them. But as always, we learned plenty firsthand. What feels harder and more unclear is how to actually settle into your new home. There’s no deadline when it comes to settling in, though I know we want to have it done ASAP.

​I believe settling into your new space well begins with moving out of your previous space well. For that reason, I’m sharing my top three moving tips (that I’m sure I read somewhere but didn’t take seriously until I lived it) and then encouraging you with my top tips for settling into your new home sweet home.

​You’re going to feel so much better about your move in just a few minutes!…..

Read on for moving and settling in tips from  M/I Homes by Rachel Torres