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A letter to residents regarding the Jerome Village zoning amendment

Dear Neighbor,

There’s been a lot of talk in our community about the Jerome Village zoning amendment. With the election just a few days away, we want to make sure you have the most accurate information about the Zoning Amendment and how it impacts you.

This zoning amendment isn’t some new, surprise, effort to build more houses. It’s one more step as part of a long-term, thoughtful master plan that’s driving careful growth. The plan, including the next phase, was already supported unanimously by your Jerome Township Zoning Commission. These houses were already approved to be built, except that a small group of people appealed the decision of the Zoning Commission. So now it’s on the ballot.

Continuing Jerome Village’s illustrative master plan by building an additional 149 high-quality single-family homes on a 70-acre site located southeast of the intersection of Blaney Road and Jerome Road has broad support – from the Zoning Commission, the Jerome Township Trustees, and other community leaders like Union County Sheriff Jamie Patton. Now we need your help – your “yes” vote.

There are many reasons to vote “yes.” For example, voting yes supports careful growth that will help bring high quality retail options to our area. Yes, retail has been part of the vision and illustrative master plan for Jerome Village since the start, but retailers know and make their location decisions based on the total and growing number of homes in the area. The best-in-class grocers continue to monitor the growth in our area before they’ll choose our location. When there are more consumers living here, more retailers want to locate here.

The developer and home builders of Jerome Village are proud to support public safety. In fact, the Jerome Village Company committed to contributing three acres of land and $5.5 million toward the construction of the new fire station and equipment. Further development means additional funding for the new fire station and a sheriff’s substation closer to you.

Continuing the high-quality, master-planned development you see today protects your home’s value. Thoughtful development, amenities, parks, and high-quality, single-family, homes mean higher home values for everyone.

Most importantly, voting YES has no impact on our taxes. In fact, adding friends and neighbors to our community helps keep our property taxes low by expanding the tax base.

It’s true what one neighbor shared recently: make no mistake, this area is growing – development is inevitable. It’s just a question of when and how it affects our quality of life. Changing course on our shared master plan now will not only impede that vision and force our development partners to walk away, but also opens the door for alternative development plans that won’t be so promising.

The development of Jerome Village has been and will continue to be a partnership. That’s why we’re asking for your support to keep this momentum going forward by voting “yes” on November 2.


The Jerome Village Company

P.S. There’s even more information about this issue and you can review it at