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Explanation of Resident Fees, 2023

The Jerome Village Community Development Authority (CDA) and Residential Property Owners Association (HOA) have approved the 2023 budgets. The Jerome Village community dues are currently being mailed and are due by March 7th, 2023. The following explanation of resident fees is provided for your convenience.

      • The Community Development Charge is for funding, ownership, and maintenance of land and infrastructure improvements including roads, sanitary sewers, and waterlines. Fees are based on your assessed property value and are calculated at a rate of 9.5 mills ($332.50 per $100,000 of property value). The fee is billed semi-annually by Towne Properties and will appear on your statement as “1st Half Community Development Charge.”
      • The Community Center Charge supports operating expenses for your community amenities including the community center building and staff, fitness center, and aquatic facilities, and the bike trail system including landscaping, maintenance, and mosquito control. The fee is based on budgeted operating costs and is subject to increase each year by a percent not to exceed the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for that year. With a 6.45% increase to the CPI, the 2023 fee will be $455.00 per household. This fee is billed annually by Towne Properties and will appear on your statement as “Community Center”.
      • The Residential Property Owners Association (HOA) fee is for the expenses of maintaining neighborhood common areas including entries and fences, mowing and fertilizing, mulching and pruning trees, and snow removal and plowing where applicable. This fee is based on budgeted operating costs and has historically increased about once every three years to accommodate increasing costs and expanded services. The last time this fee was increased was in 2019. For 2023, the fee will increase by $35 to $365.00. This HOA fee is billed annually by Towne Properties and will appear on your statement as “Association Fee.”

*The following neighborhoods have additional assessments as the result of services provided to the homes located within the subdivision: Gardenia, Rock Rose Place, Plum Ridge Place, Canby Court (billed by Bob Webb), Eversole Woods (billed by Romanelli and Hughes) and Cottages at Verbena (billed by Schottenstein Homes).

* No HOA assessment will be made for owners in the Courtyards at Jerome Village or Courtyards at Hyland Run as fees are assessed by Epcon Communities for services provided to homes within those subdivisions.

The Jerome Village CDA and HOA invoices can be paid electronically by following the attached instructions, in-person at the Community Center, or mailed to 7875 Ryan Parkway, Plain City, OH 43064. As always, further detail can be found on the Jerome Village Resident Portal at 
using the password: JVResidents.

For billing inquiries, please contact:

Steve Tilley 

Senior Property Development Project Manager

(614) 973-9484

[email protected]